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Exciting Times with New Opportunities!

Last week, D&D President Arnie Miller welcomed Lyndon Green, Senior Operations Manager for the Swanson Family Companies, along with Lyndon’s team members Randy Hultgren (Corporate Safety Manager), Dan Tallman (Director Support Services), and Alyssa Melo (Employee Relations Manager) to preview the exciting times ahead for D&D and the Swanson Family Companies.

Now these two third-generation, family-owned companies — one from the West and one from Midwest — together are preparing for a new generation of feed and pet food industry growth that spans the nation.

Shared business philosophies

Over the course of more than 40 years, both D&D and the Swanson Family Companies (including Associated Feed & Supply, Nutrius, and Virtus Nutrition) built thriving, independent enterprises by following key business principles they happen to share. These principles focus on:
• Quality products
• Superior customer service
• Honesty and integrity in all dealings
• Employee respect and growth
• Leading by example

The companies also share core values — Integrity Matters, Quality First, and Customer Focused!

Growth based on trust, respect, care

The Swanson Family Companies and D&D strive to be their customers’ preferred supplier as well as responsible, respected business leaders in the communities in which they have operations.

Both companies “understate and overdeliver,” which results in high levels of customer loyalty, trusted relationships with vendors, and growing business networks powered by highly effective word-of-mouth advertising.

And D&D brings much more to the Swanson Family Companies, including our diverse portfolio of products and services, our strong position in the Midwest and growing presence to the east and west, and our extraordinary Core Values in Action.

Bringing D&D into the Swanson Family Companies offers business growth potential in key strategic areas, where successful business models and separate business operations complement each other.

Thank you, Lyndon, Dan, Alyssa, and Randy for visiting us at Delphos and sharing important information about the Swanson Family Companies.

We’re looking forward to a very exciting future of new opportunities, business growth across the country, and personal growth and success for all our team members!