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What Is AAFCO?
Why Is It Vital to D&D Business?

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) is a private, non-profit, voluntary membership association of local, state and federal agencies whose job is to regulate the sale and distribution of animal food and drug products.

AAFCO is not a regulatory agency itself, but its members include agencies like the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA), which oversees regulation of D&D products.

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How it works for D&D

Because AAFCO has member agencies in almost every U.S. state, a regulatory inspection by ODA can pass muster in other member states. It is not necessary for agencies from other states to inspect D&D — ODA is doing the job, which makes it less costly and more efficient for everyone.

AAFCO established this “level playing field” between the states more than a century ago. Its role has evolved over the decades with advances in animal nutrition and technology to meet new and increasingly technical and consumer-oriented challenges.

However, AAFCO’s core objectives remain fresh today as it provides:

• Process for defining ingredients used in animal feed and pet food

• Forums for state agencies, federal agencies, and industry groups to develop uniform language that states may adopt or reference in laws

• Specialized training for AAFCO members and industry

We benefit from transparency

AAFCO continually updates a host of reference materials, including the Official Publication, which includes legal definitions of ingredients approved for use in feed and pet food products. Our 750-plus products included!

Training references include the AAFCO Feed Inspectors Manual, which provided guidance for the ODA inspector who recently approved D&D operations.

See last month’s Quality CVA call out by Trina Gross. Thanks for all, ODA!

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