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New Trial Offer — SynTech™ RGI

Dairy & beef cattle — digestive health & immune function

Manufactured exclusively by D&D, SynTech RGI™ brings both probiotic and prebiotic power to promote healthy microbial populations, optimize immune function, and support intestinal tissue integrity in ruminant animals.

Dairies are coming into the heat-stress season, so we’re offering this New Trial Offer:

  • Product: SynTech RGI
  • Code: 130986C
  • Unit: 50 lb bag
  • New Trial Offer: $0.10 per lb discount ($5.00 off per bag)

SynTech RGI contains a patented strain of live yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) with mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) and beta-glucans, combined with two stable, probiotic Bacillus strains.

In dairy and beef cattle, SynTech RGI’s novel, stable, synbiotic formula and two-way action help:

  • Enhance fiber digestibility
  • Provide better feed conversion
  • Improve animal performance
  • Optimize health and wellness

For SynTech RGI details, click here and contact Customer Service for New Trial Offer on SynTech RGI.

Special Promotion on EB-MET™

Dairy rumen protected methionine & energy

Dairy cows cannot synthesize the essential amino acid methionine and so must get it through the diet. Methionine plays a key metabolic role in transition, breeding, and lactation.

EB-MET™ from Milk Specialties Global is a nutritional source of methionine and rumen inert fat, supported by research at Ohio State University, Cornell University, and others.

D&D Special Promotion on EB-MET:

  • Product: Energy Booster Met
  • Code: 220216
  • Unit: 50 lb bag
  • Special Discount: $1.70 per bag

Please contact Customer Service for details!