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Keeping Dairy Cows Normal

BOVAMINE® Dairy Plus probiotic from Chr. Hansen helps ensure that dairy cows will function normally to produce milk, grow calves in gestation, and defend themselves from stressors in their environment.

To develop BOVAMINE Dairy Plus, Chr. Hansen built upon the 16-plus-year success of BOVAMINE® Dairy, combining the company’s long-proven strains of Lactobacillus animalis (LA-51) and Propionibacterium freudenreichii (PF-24) with their novel, highly-researched strains of Bacillus licheniformis (CH200) and Bacillus subtilis (CH201).

BOVAMINE Dairy Plus improves the capacity of dairy cattle to get nutrients from their feed, to absorb those nutrients throughout a healthy digestive system, and to reduce the energy-robbing, milk-reducing impact of harmful bacterial infections in their gastrointestinal tracts. That is keeping dairy cows normal.

The four strains used in BOVAMINE Dairy Plus are among the most extensively researched animal probiotic strains, supported by more than 700 research trials and more than 100 abstracts and 65 peer-reviewed articles over the past 25 years.

Key benefits include:
• Increased volatile fatty acids produced in the rumen
• More complete total tract digestion of fiber and starch
• Normal, healthy ruminal papillae and intestinal microvilli
• Increased healthy surface area for absorption of nutrients

Chr. Hansen reports field testing of BOVAMINE Dairy Plus involving approximately 110,000 Jersey and Holstein cows from 14 commercial dairies in three states. Continuous daily feeding of the product increased fiber (NDF) and starch digestibility by 6.5% and 1%, respectively, the company reports, and reduced the variation of two metrics of digestive efficiency.

Find details of this research, dairy cattle health-related benefits, and supporting research here.

Chr. Hansen bacterial strain production is FAMI-QS and ISO certified.

For research references and more information about BOVAMINE
Dairy Plus, please contact: Dan Bates, mobile 989-225-0200, email usdaba@chr-hansen.com