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How to Improve MPE:
Get More Energy Out of Dairy Cow Diets

The USDA is forecasting higher expected milk prices as well as greater milk production in 2021. Yet the costs of dairy feedstuffs are especially volatile at present, influenced by unusual weather, changing trade policies, and other factors affecting global markets.

For dairy producers to gain or maintain a positive bottom line requires optimum efficiency throughout the lactation cycle. Improving milk production efficiency — MPE, measured as production of marketable solids-corrected milk per unit of feed intake — is a critical component, especially as producers cope with high or unpredictable feed costs.


Why Rumensin®?

Rumensin® from Elanco® is one of the most proven, reliable means to achieve greater MPE:

  • At least 5:1 average return on investment
  • Up to 4% more energy per pound of feed
  • More solids-corrected milk per pound of feed for pennies per day
  • Value throughout lactation cycle as a result of greater MPE

MPE increases in a linear pattern when Rumensin is fed within the FDA-approved dose range throughout lactation and the dry period. Higher levels get greater results.

Maximizing efficacy

Understanding and following Rumensin dosage recommendations maximizes the production and maintenance potential of dairy diets throughout the lactation cycle:

For decades already, Rumensin has met the FDA’s stringent standards for effectiveness and animal, environmental, and human food safety.


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To learn more about Rumensin for dairy operations, contact: Jim Stefanak, mobile 330-298-8113, email stefanakj@elanco.com. Or reach out to D&D…