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Robotic Palletizing:
Quality, Speed, and Flexibility for Co-Packing

Once upon a time, folks said, “Many hands make light work.” Now they’ve begun to say, “Let the robot do it.”

For specialized manufacturing operations like D&D’s Co-Packing Services, robotic palletizing makes perfect sense — supporting quality packaging with greater speed, flexibility, and reliability.

D&D’s recently installed Chantland EC201 lifts bags from the bagging conveyor and positions them on a pallet, forming interwoven layers. The robot arm can swivel between two or more adjacent stations, serving multiple bagging lines.

“We’re on a mission to incorporate optimal automation into our production system,” says Arnie Miller, President. “We’re making our co-packing services even more efficient while sustaining quality in packaging and palletizing.”

Currently, D&D operates eight production lines for bagging and toting products, handling roughly 175 different types of products.

“This new robotic palletizer is our second unit,” says Mike Wright, Director of Operations and Business Development. “and we plan to add a third unit later this year. Much of the growth in co-packing services is coming through our consigned business partners and independent consulting partners.”

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