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New Approach to Dairy Profit:
More Ruminal Propionate Saves Cost, Sustains Output

Today’s dairy cows are top performers that must get enough dietary energy in order to produce to their potential. However, corn and fat prices are volatile and trending up, and unpredictable factors can impact ingredient availability. So being sure to get enough energy into the dairy diet can be challenging — and expensive.

To meet the challenge, Micronutrients, a Nutreco company, is bringing a new solution — Renergy™ — to the dairy industry.


More ruminal propionate

Renergy is a blend of organic acids that modifies rumen fermentation to increase propionate production from the ration. Propionate is a key source of energy for dairy cows.

Getting more energy from propionate in the rumen increases production efficiency and opens the way to two strategies to increase herd profitability:

• Reducing feed costs by using Renergy, thus replacing expensive, energy-dense ingredients including supplemental fat

• Increasing ECM (energy corrected milk) by feeding Renergy with the existing diet, thus increasing cost-efficiency


With the prices of supplemental fat products averaging $0.70-1.00 per pound, dairy producers and their feed suppliers are looking for new ways to keep production up and costs down. Renergy can help reduce the amount of supplemental fat and starch in the ration and reduce overall ration costs while supporting high dairy performance.


Less added fat

Here’s an example reducing supplemental fat by a half pound per head per day using Renergy and corn silage.

For More Information
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