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Pet Food Ingredients:
Bulk Conversion for Faster, More Flexible Supply Chains

In the U.S., pet food is a growing $34 billion-plus market category powerfully driven by emotion and affection that serves to accelerate product innovation.

Pet food and treats manufacturers are busy expanding an already vast range of products — organic, non-GMO, grain-free, immune-support, and many more types of products that echo human food market trends.

However, making successful products for this dynamic market means manufacturers must constantly adjust or even rethink their ingredient sources and supply chains. They need more and different bulk ingredient co-products that meet stringent quality specifications, delivered quickly and safely.

Where D&D comes in

We help pet food product formulators, manufacturers, and marketers optimize opportunities in key ingredient components and products for their recipes:
• Bridging the gap between ingredient supplier and pet food manufacturer
• Offering cost-efficient multi-modal logistics
• Providing safe bulk conversion, handling, and storage
• Delivering on-time and on-spec

We specialize in fast and flexible bulk ingredient conversion services — rail-to-truck and tote/supersack-to-truck.

At the height of the pandemic last year, D&D completed a construction project expanding our railcar-to-truck transloading capacity. Both pet food and feed manufacturers have benefited from added capacity of up to 20 more rail cars and other capital improvements.

Our main Delphos, Ohio campus features three transloading locations, served by the CFE (Chicago, Ft. Wayne and Eastern Railroad). These facilities can handle virtually any bulk ingredient in a safe and efficient manner.

We can load bulk ingredients coming in by rail or truck into both hopper and pneumatic bulk trailers.

What’s more, our bulk ingredient storage facilities — including upright bins of 100-ton capacity each, warehouses, and van trailers — provide flexibility and convenience for short-term or long-term storage.

What you may need ASAP

Here is a short list of bulk ingredient products we handle for pet food and feed manufacturers:

Potato and tapioca co-products
Oat groats
Flax seed

Whole peas & co-products
Potassium chloride
Corn gluten meal
Non-GMO soyhulls
Monocalcium phosphate
Linseed pellets

Pet food manufacturers are meeting the demands of today’s increasingly segmented and quality-conscious consumer market. However, their continuing success requires the supply of a wider variety of quality ingredients delivered with greater time and cost savings.

Using D&D to convert bulk ingredient product shipments to the best form for your manufacturing operation brings convenience, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Your business can benefit from a tailored program to meet your specific needs.

Contact us for pet food and feed bulk ingredient conversion options.