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More & Better:
Capacity, Safety & Quality

This year D&D is completing a couple of major capital expansion projects, including a new warehouse and expanded transloading capacity.

State-of-the-art warehouse under construction

The new 62,500 sq. ft. warehouse at our main Delphos, Ohio campus will include a highly automated inventory management system and be able to accommodate 6,500 pallet positions. This new advanced system will integrate with our existing system currently tracking more than 750 products, complete with their traceability, supplier, and quality assurance data.

Expanded transloading capacity coming soon

And we’re expanding our bulk rail and truck transloading capacity with new bin volume (two bins 1,000-ton each), significantly increasing available storage for even faster and more flexible bulk ingredient conversion services — rail-to-truck.

Our Delphos campus features three transloading locations, served by the CFE (Chicago, Ft. Wayne and Eastern Railroad). These facilities can handle virtually any bulk ingredient in a safe and efficient manner, loading into both hopper and pneumatic bulk trailers.

Quality First™

Quality First™ is one of D&D’s three Core Values and an integral part of our business principles guiding delivery of quality products and unsurpassed service.

“We’re committed to providing feed ingredients and products that are safe, deliver premium value to our customers, and meet all regulatory requirements,” says Mike Wright, Director of Operations & Business Development. “Nothing is overlooked in our quest for excellence, including excellence in premixing.

“From ingredient supplier approval to customer delivery — through grinding, blending, packaging, shipping, and delivery of finished product — numerous precautions and quality checks are in place to ensure we provide a safe, quality product.”

D&D’s Quality Assurance system includes:

• Supplier approval program that validates each supplier and ensures we receive quality ingredients

• Ingredient traceability program to track every pound or kilo of ingredient or product from receipt from supplier to end user

• Strict adherence to operation under current good manufacturing practices

• Ten trained PQCI employees on-site, including top management through Department Supervisors

• On-going Quality Assurance training programs

D&D’s dedication to sustaining ingredient and product safety and quality includes third-party certifications — HACCP, Safe Feed/Safe Food, and FAMI-QS.

D&D’s feed safety management and quality management systems are reviewed and audited annually by these certification bodies, and regularly by current and prospective customers for new business opportunities. QA Manager Trina Gross leads our Quality Assurance program and our Quality Team includes Jennifer Beam, Anita Wilson, Ted Williams, Arnie Miller, and Mike Wright.

Annual FAMI-QS Audit:
Passed again with flying colors

D&D’s recently concluded annual FAMI-QS Audit stands out for its rigor, institutional integrity, and international recognition and respect.

“FAMI-QS is the only certification program that is focused on Specialty Feed Ingredients,” the Brussels, Belgium based organization notes. “It is a global quality and feed safety management system for companies that manufacture specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures (including premixes).”

This international certification program is recognized by the European Commission, EU regulators, and national and local authorities around the world. Also, the program is scope-specific, targeted to specialty feed ingredients, blends, and premixes.

The organization states: “Globally, more than 600 Feed Additive and Premixture companies participate in the FAMI-QS certification program.”

FAMI-QS benefits all D&D partners — customers, clients, and vendors — because it demonstrates our proactive approach and commitment to feed ingredient safety and quality all over the world.

For more information on FAMI-QS, click here

And reach out to Mike Wright with email and “FAMI-QS” in the subject line.