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Top Five:
Dairy Knowledge X-Change™ Webinars

Since early in the Covid pandemic in 2020, D&D has brought dairy nutrition and ingredient experts to practicing nutritionists and feed industry professionals through Dairy Knowledge X-Change™.

Hundreds have accessed this expertise through the webpage.

Last week, Dr. Adam Lock presented “Fatty Acid Update: Performance & Cost-Benefit” and engaged in a lively Q&A session with other experts. We just uploaded his presentation and live webinar recording to the X-Change.

Among the first 10 webinars, here are the top five choices of X-Change viewers:

  • “Fiber and Forage Considerations: It’s All about Keeping the Rumen Full of Something Digestible” with Dr. Mike Van Amburgh, Cornell University
  • “Feed Cost Control: How To Know Which Additive Will Pay Back” with Dr. Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois
  • “DCAD Balance and Milk Fat” with Dr. Tom Jenkins, Clemson University
  • “Inflammation, Immunity and Transition Management” with Dr. Barry Bradford, Michigan State University
  • “Consequences of Heat Stress During Late Gestation for the Dairy Cow and Her Calf” with Dr. Geoff Dahl, University of Florida — tied in popularity with “Potassium Balance and Milk Fat – K Sources Matter!” with Dr. Jenkins

Visit the X-Change webpage and choose for yourself.

For more information about Dairy Knowledge X-Change, reach out to host Pat Kahle

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