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Green Light for 2022

Last year proved to be stop-and-go for many in the feed and pet food industries. Speed bumps and pot holes filled the road in 2021.

Manufacturers learned a lot about their suppliers last year, which especially tested everyone’s ingredient supply networks.

For D&D, knowledge, experience, and accomplishments during 2021 add power to serve our customers on the road ahead.


D&D milestones in 2021:

Coming in 2022 for D&D, powered by our Core Values:

• Growing service area
• New feed mill outreach program
• Expanding vendor partnerships

Many of the ingredient supply problems that challenged business in 2021 persist today and are not likely to be fully resolved soon. Nonetheless, primary vendors, ingredient suppliers, and feed and pet food manufacturers now know much more about their supply chains.

For example, they know that just-in-time (JIT) inventory management has serious limits as a manufacturing strategy due to the “reverse bullwhip effect” impacting supply networks today.

Feed and pet food manufacturing operations are going to be more proactive in 2022:

• Identifying internal bottlenecks and external supply limitations
• Discussing potential solutions with preferred suppliers
• Giving suppliers longer order lead times, especially for products likely to be sourced overseas

While some feed and pet food ingredient suppliers stretched their order lead-times by weeks or more last year, D&D has continued to try to work within our standard lead-time window.

In 2021, customers recognized and appreciated our extra effort to supply all our customers all the time. We’ve rededicated ourselves to deliver the best customer service, quality ingredients, and best-in-class manufacturing services for feed and pet food companies in 2022.

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