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State-of-the-Art Storage:
New Warehouse at Work in Delphos

“Check this out,” says Arnie Miller, president of D&D Ingredients, LLC: “Our new, state-of-the-art warehouse is up and running at our main campus in Delphos, Ohio.”

The 62,500 sq. ft. Warehouse 10, Miller says, “not only increases logistical flexibility for our customers in the U.S., it also meets the challenges of our partners shipping worldwide.”

Furthermore, Miller adds, the new warehouse increases the ingredient portfolio available to existing customers, while also providing more opportunities to serve new customers in both the feed and pet food industries.

Cutting-edge technology

D&D plans to integrate a new, highly automated warehouse management system for Warehouse 10 into the current system, which already provides product traceability as well as supplier and quality assurance data. The new warehouse system is going to identify open pallet spaces to optimize the square footage of the building, while additionally minimizing any potential human error.

Warehouse 10 already includes a cutting-edge dry fire suppression system that will not damage ingredients if a fire occurs.

The new warehouse also triples the dock space on the north side of the Delphos campus for trucks making deliveries and pickups. This extra dock space puts drivers back on the road faster and meets D&D’s promise of superior logistical speed and flexibility.

Bridging the ingredient supply gap

“Today,” Miller says, “making successful products for feed and pet food markets means manufacturers must constantly adjust or even rethink their ingredient sources and supply chains.”

D&D helps manufacturers optimize opportunities in key ingredient components and products by:
• Bridging the gap between ingredient source and manufacturer
• Offering cost-efficient multi-modal logistics
• Providing safe bulk conversion, handling, and storage
• Delivering product on-time

For more information, please contact Arnie Miller by phone at 419-692-3205 ext. 1010 or email.

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