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Custom Grinding

For optimal particle size of ingredients

Why grind ingredients? Simply put: The right particle size of ingredients improves the quality of the final feed or pet food product.

Precise particle reduction can improve product uniformity, texture, digestibility, and other desirable characteristics of ingredients. For food animals, pellet durability and feed efficiency are priorities. For companion animals like pets, integrity and stability of the extruded kibble are key.

Basic hammermill design for feed and pet food ingredient particle reduction.

D&D’s Accu-Grind™ system is all about precision in particle reduction. From whole grains to meals, our grinding facility has multiple hammer mills to create the right particle size to meet specific customer needs.


D&D hammermills and screens: Precise particle size of ingredients aids in mixing, further processing, and final product quality characteristics of both finished feeds and pet foods.

Accu-Grind can mill a single ingredient or a mixture of ingredients into ultrafine, fine, medium, or coarse flour particle sizes:

  • Ultrafine — 5/64-inch (0.039 in.)
  • Fine — 3/16-inch (0.1875 in.)
  • Medium — 1/4-inch (0.25 in.)
  • Coarse — 5/8-inch (0.625 in.)

The ingredients we grind include a wide range of co-products from the grain, oilseed, and food industries, as well as various protein blends. We produce specific custom-grind blends for both the pet food and feed industries.

Custom grinding is only one of D&D’s best-in-class outsource manufacturing services. Our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities deliver quality solutions that enable you to maintain focus on your company’s core strengths and fulfill your growth strategies. We are responsive and flexible to accommodate your needs.