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Quality Co-Packing

Flexible, responsive, cost-efficient private-label fulfillment

Co-Packing is one of D&D’s best-in-class outsource manufacturing services. Feed companies, nutritional health product manufacturers, and pet food companies rely on D&D to co-pack private label products for both domestic and international markets.

Using multiple packing lines at our Delphos manufacturing campus, we can custom co-pack your private label product in any number of package types and sizes — from paper to poly bag to 2,000-lb. tote containers.

We co-pack products to your required specifications, offering custom formulation and private labeling options (traditional sewn-on tags or preprinted labels), with services performed by our knowledgeable and friendly formulation team. We can procure commercially available ingredients and produce your precise formulas.

We utilize confidentiality agreements, securely protecting your ingredient composition and any “trade secrets.” We quote you the estimated costs, establish a time frame for production, and create a joint service contract with you. We provide preliminary price quotes for production, and finalize all pricing with you. Products are completed and shipped to you or maintained at D&D as consigned inventory.

D&D bag welding and robotic palletizing

Co-Packing can provide a low-cost way to satisfy your existing markets, explore new markets, or to produce new products and packaging that can help you to stay competitive in the marketplace. D&D’s Co-Packing capacities provide practical and affordable offerings for expanding existing brands, or launching new brands, or formulas.

D&D’s range of comprehensive manufacturing capabilities deliver quality solutions that provide you with the freedom to maintain focus on your core strengths and fulfill your growth strategies. We are responsive and flexible to accommodate your quality, cost-efficiency, and scheduling needs.