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Greater Rail Capacity:
Bolstering Transloading Service for 2021 and Beyond

Our transloading service continues to grow to meet the growing need of the animal feed and pet food industries. At our Delphos, Ohio hub, incoming rail freight hands off to exactly the right kind of over-the-road transport that a customer needs.

Currently, we transload more than 30 different types of bulk ingredients ranging from macro minerals and rumen buffer products to specialty-type proteins like AminoPlus® rumen bypass protein product, canola meal, and pea protein, as well as whole peas, chick peas, lentils, and flaxseed. Our system is also transloading a variety of commodity feedstuffs, including barley, milo, and others.

More track space

To keep up with this growth in volume and variety, D&D has added an additional quarter mile in track space, increasing our on-site railcar capacity by 20%.

Located on the CFE (Chicago, Fort Wayne & Eastern Railroad), D&D is uniquely positioned to receive virtually any type of bulk ingredient in a safe and efficient manner. We have the capability and equipment for railcar-to-truck (hopper or pneumatic) and tote-to-truck transloading.

Rail offers significant cost savings in moving bulk ingredients for the feed and pet food industries, while trucking is the universal form of freight transport. “Multimodal” rail and truck shipping allows D&D’s customers and vendors to optimize their supply chain logistics for economy, speed, and convenience.

More bulk storage to come

On-site at Delphos, our commodity storage facilities include upright bins (100-ton capacity each), warehouse facilities, and van trailers, which provide the option of storing ingredients short-term or long-term for customer convenience.

Additionally, we’re in the process of another expansion project to increase our on-site bulk storage — adding two additional 1,000-ton bins. Project completion is expected in the early spring this year, which will increase our transloading capacity by another 20%.

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