Dairy Trace Minerals:
Comparing Performance in the Feed, Animal, Food Chain

In its comprehensive analysis of recent research, the new Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle brings renewed attention to trace mineral nutrition, especially for copper and manganese. See below for a link to Dr. Bill Weiss’s brief introduction to “NRC 2021” (now formally known as NASEM 2021) published by Cornell University.

However, making best use of such recommendations today involves taking trace mineral nutrition to a higher standard in the feed, in the animal, and in the food chain. And as in decades past, the original hydroxy trace mineral technology in IntelliBond® products continues to outperform the alternatives, including inorganic salts and organic chelates.

Inorganic salts
• Sulfates, carbonates, chlorides, oxides
• High solubility/reactivity in feed and animal’s digestive tract
• Lower absorption
• Low cost

Organic chelates
• Metal complexed with amino acids, proteins, polysaccharides
• Moderate solubility/reactivity
• Higher absorption
• High cost

Hydroxy trace minerals
• Metal complexed with hydroxy groups within a defined crystalline structure
• Very low solubility/reactivity
• Higher absorption
• Moderate cost, but highly cost-effective

IntelliBond hydroxy trace minerals in the feed…

• Decrease in free metal ions/oxidative stress
• More available minerals, vitamins, and lipids versus sulfate (SO4) alternatives

High mineral concentration
• Potential cost savings in labor, convenience, and storage
• More formulation flexibility — room in the formula for other feed additives

OptiSize® technology
• Large particle technology for mixability and uniform distribution of minerals
• Superior handling characteristics — low dust, no clumping

In the animal…

Better biochemistry
• Strong covalent bonds allow for slow release, minimizing interactions with antagonists
• Minerals present at higher concentrations further down the GI tract

Proven performance
• 100+ research trials in ruminants and monogastrics since 1996
• Performance benefits for each product in the IntelliBond portfolio
• Economic return based on sound science and research

In the food chain…

U.S.-made IntelliBond products exceed the highest standards of six certification organizations and a dedicated team monitors multiple critical control points in manufacturing to assure quality.

IntelliBond products also feature a U.S.-based supply chain with 100% control of traceability, process, and quality. Micronutrients quality generates trusted results. Quality and safety are non-negotiable

For more information, visit Trace Minerals for Dairy Cattle and contact Mark Harris who is Micronutrients Ruminant Business Manager (mobile 417-893-8780).

For Dr. Bill Weiss’s brief introduction to NASEM 2021, click here.

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