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Best Early Lactation:
Optimize Dry Period (Cost-Effectively)

Feeding dry and transition cows focuses on minimizing health disorders and maximizing production and reproduction. Yet today’s higher feed costs can cause the focus to shift.

How can we keep prepartum feed costs down — for example with a lower starch diet — while sustaining milk production efficiency (MPE), defined as SCM/DMI (lbs. solids corrected milk divided by lbs. dry matter intake) and overall dairy performance?


A number of studies have shown that recommended supplementation of Rumensin® during the dry period:

• Increases yields of SCM, fat-corrected milk, milk fat, milk lactose, and milk total solids and tended to increase milk yield

• Increases concentrations of propionate and decreased concentrations of acetate around calving

• Does not affect MPE

Moreover, this research showed that Rumensin increases production parameters under different systems of dry cow and transition cow feeding, for example a single-group controlled-energy system or a traditional far-off plus close-up system.

Note: Dry cow feed supplementation with Rumensin significantly increased SCM yield over the first 12 weeks in lactation.
Source: J.K. Drackley, University of Illinois, courtesy of Elanco.

Other studies have pinpointed advantages: Rumensin supplementation in the close-up period and early lactation helps accelerate dry matter intake (DMI) during transition…

…and supports total milk yield during early lactation.

Note: Rumensin supplementation in the close up dry period and first 9 weeks of lactation resulted in increased DMI, milk production, and gluconeogenesis independent of the starch level in the diet.

Source: click here G.D. Mechor, Research Brief, courtesy of Elanco.


Why Rumensin?

Rumensin is one of the most proven, reliable, and cost-effective means to optimize dry and transition cow feeding. For more information about maximizing the production and maintenance potential of dairy diets throughout the lactation cycle, click here

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