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Dairy Probiotics:
Which Strains Among Trillions?

With more than 40,000 microbial strains, Chr. Hansen owns the broadest and most effective range of probiotic cultures for inclusion in animal feed products, including all types of dairy feeds.

This huge range enables Chr. Hansen to select the best individual strains and formulate the best combination products to meet health challenges in dairy operations. Better animal health results in better dairy performance.

Strain-specific probiotics in the premix, supplement, or TMR (total mixed ration) can help shift more cows from average “no-probiotic” to normal “with probiotic” health and performance.

Why does strain matter?

When we think of probiotics, we tend to think first of genus and species, for example, Lactobacillus acidophilus. Yet genus and species alone does not tell us enough to select an effective probiotic. That’s because there are myriad strains within a species and each strain is an individual microorganism with potentially trillions upon trillions of clonal copies.

Compared with the genetic diversity of other species, the genetic diversity in a single species of bacteria is astounding.

For example, did you know?

• Among humans — Homo sapiens — there is 0.1% genetic diversity
• Within a popular species of probiotic bacteria — Bacillus subtilis — there is 18% genetic diversity

A huge number of potentially beneficial strains comprise this genetic diversity. Some of these strains have characteristics that research has proven key to improving dairy health and performance.

That is why… Strain Matters!

For Chr. Hansen, it comes down to being able to optimize the benefits of bacterial genetic diversity for animal and human health. Chr. Hansen bacterial strain production is FAMI-QS and ISO certified.

For research references and more information about Why Strain Matters, please contact: Dan Bates, mobile 989-225-0200, email usdaba@chr-hansen.com.

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