Generational Strength:
Rumensin® Manufacturing Quality

For over 40 years, producers and their professional advisors have trusted Rumensin® from Elanco to deliver consistent, dependable results that improve profit potential.

The multi-generation strength of Rumensin rises from more than 400 Elanco research studies and ongoing innovation in technology and services to support ever-changing feed programs and management systems.

An array of generic monensin products is available today. One thing that helps Rumensin stand out from this crowd is the attention to detail and consistency in manufacture. In other words, “generic” does not mean equivalent, especially when it comes to quality.

Manufacturing impacts the producer’s bottom line

Differences in manufacturing monensin products can affect the dairy producer’s bottom line. Such differences can impact product potency, dissolution profile, and particle size. Why are these factors important?

Potency: The target potency for Rumensin is 90.7 g/lb of monensin and 98% of product batches are within +/-3% of the target, which far surpasses the +/-15% range allowed by the FDA.

Dissolution profile: Rumensin has higher dissolution — that is, more of the active ingredient is dissolved — compared to a leading generic monensin product in simulated rumen fluid evaluations of both a high-forage diet and a high-concentrate diet.

Particle size: Given the particle size range of 180-850 microns for adequate mixing, 93% of Rumensin particles fall within the range, compared to 63-72% of a leading generic, which also has four to five times more dust particles (less than 180 microns in size).

Dust or fines in the product represents shrink — product that is lost or otherwise not contributing to improving the bottom line.

These factors — and others resulting from additional differences in manufacturing — can impact the homogeneous distribution of a micro ingredient in a premix, supplement, or TMR, which in turn can affect animal performance.

Standing out in the crowd

The generational trust earned by Rumensin — as well as its next-generation resilience –comes from time-proven advantages in research, formulation, manufacturing, and services.

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