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Innovation Meets Excellence

At D&D, where innovation meets excellence in the world of custom solutions for the animal livestock industry. Explore our comprehensive capabilities that set us apart as a leader in independent toll manufacturing, pre-mixing, distribution, customer blending, specialty packaging, consignment, and transloading business.


The D&D Outsource
Manufacturing Solution™

The D&D Outsource Manufacturing Solution™ offers fast and flexible services to meet your needs. Our customer service team is ready to work with you anytime. We have a large and diverse inventory of ingredients for your convenience.

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With the warehouse capacity to manage over 750 individual ingredients,
and the personnel that know these products well, chances are we have
your special formulation ingredients ready to go when you need us.
Our goal is to fulfill your orders with precision, care, and promptness.

Our Capabilities

The Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program is a voluntary, independently certified program designed for the total feed industry. It establishes comprehensive standards of excellence that go beyond existing regulations, to maximize feed and food safety.

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FAMI-QS is the leading specialty feed ingredients and mixtures certification scheme. It shows ingredients are sourced from suppliers that enforce the correct risk management measures to ensure feed quality and safety and operate hygienic practices that meet regulatory requirements.

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Our Capabilities

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification instantly demonstrates to customers your commitment to producing or trading in safe food. This evidence-based approach can be particularly beneficial when you are subjected to inspection by regulatory authorities or stakeholders.


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You deserve the best for your feed formulation, and that’s why you need D&D as your trusted partner. We don’t just meet the standards, we set them. That’s our responsibility and our promise to you and your customers.


The D&D Outsource Manufacturing Solution™ provides responsive manufacturing services to customer and market demand, as well as a customer service team that is dedicated, flexible, and willing to work with you on your schedule.


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